Seattle Outdoor Advertising

Strategic Out-Of-Home Advertising for Optimal Reach

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and home to diverse neighborhoods, retail giants, and major league sports teams. With a growing population, expanding economy, and very congested highways and surface streets, Seattle is an ideal market for brands to use Outdoor Advertising. Pacific Outdoor Advertising owns and operates over 100 high-impact Outdoor Advertising displays, offering strategic coverage in the Seattle metro and the surrounding areas.

Pacific Outdoor’s growing Seattle outdoor media inventory includes Bulletins, Digital Billboards, and Wallscapes all in prime locations downtown, I-5, and Hwy 99, as well as surface streets throughout Seattle and surrounding areas. Our coverage reaches from Tacoma (Pierce County) in the south which has recently won recognition as one of the hottest housing markets in the country, includes downtown Seattle with coverage in the City Center, near the Space Needle, and near the Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners sports stadiums, and the northern metro area in Snohomish County home to booming suburbs, Paine Field Airport and Boeing’s Everett facility. With outdoor inventory strategically placed throughout the Seattle metro area, we guarantee your brand’s advertising message will command attention.

Why Advertise in Seattle?

With a population of over 700,000 and a metropolitan area exceeding 3.4 million residents, Seattle offers a robust consumer base ready to engage with your brand. What makes this market particularly enticing is its diverse and tech-savvy population. According to recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Seattle has one of the highest percentages of college-educated residents among major U.S. cities. This educated demographic presents a prime target audience for businesses looking to make an impact.

In recent years, Seattle has experienced rapid growth and a surge in housing demand. According to a report from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, the Seattle metro area consistently ranks among the hottest housing markets in the nation. This influx of residents brings increased consumer spending power and offers excellent opportunities for businesses seeking to target homeowners, renters, and the broader Seattle community.

The city is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, including picturesque waterfronts, lush parks, and stunning mountain views. Outdoor advertising in Seattle allows brands to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of the city, connecting with residents and visitors alike as they navigate its bustling streets and engage in outdoor activities.

To effectively tap into Seattle’s advertising potential, partnering with a reputable outdoor advertising provider is essential. Pacific Outdoor Advertising, a trusted leader in the industry, offers a wide range of advertising solutions tailored to Seattle’s unique market. From strategically located billboards to captivating digital displays, Pacific Outdoor ensures your brand receives maximum visibility and impact.

Seattle Demographics

  • Households

    Seattle-Tacoma DMA is The 12th Largest in the U.S.
    DMA Population (18+): 4,226,914
    Average Family Size: 3.06
    Median Age: 38.8
    Median Household Income: $82,133

  • Commuters

    27% of Seattle’s Land is Made Up of Streets, Sidewalks, and Other Transportation Related Public Space
    The Average Commute is 27 Minutes One Way
    38.1 Million People Visit Seattle Annually

  • Entertainment

    22% of Seattle’s Population Attend Sports Events
    Pro Sports Teams: Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Kraken, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Storm, Seattle Reign FC, Seattle Sounders, Seattle Seawolves

What Makes Pacific Outdoor Advertising Different?

Our outdoor media company takes a unique, hands-on approach to customer service, with out-of-home advertising experts with over 100 years of industry experience. Our outdoor media inventory is top quality, featuring key placements throughout the Seattle metro market , impeccably maintained displays, LED lighting technology, state-of-the-art digital displays and more. Our priority is ensuring your brand is looking its best, we meet your advertising goals, make the most of your marketing dollars, and maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

Seattle Out-Of-Home Advertising Services

Pacific’s pairing of experienced professionals and high-profile outdoor media inventory, creates a boutique buying experience. We will personally help you determine which of our many displays will maximize your campaign and help you reach your target audience in the Seattle Metro Market. We offer a strategic sales approach and turn-key customer service; including design, production coordination, and installation services. Our full-service team will work with you to achieve your advertising objectives efficiently and effectively. Together, we will get your message and out-of-home ads (OOH advertising) on the streets and into the minds of consumers.

Pacific’s Digital billboard advertising solutions reach over 2.7 million people weekly, our large format Wallscapes downtown reach neighborhoods and tourist areas and are part of the urban landscape, and our strategically placed Bulletins on I-5 and in exclusive areas around the Seattle market can’t be ignored!

Seattle Billboards

14’x48’ and 20’x60’

  • Positioned in heavy traffic locations such as expressways & major intersections
  • Effective messaging that targets daily commuters over an extended period of time
  • Massive scale that commands viewer attention & brand awareness
Large wallscape advertisement located in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle Wallscapes

Varied Sizes

  • Unique sizes & dramatic locations create spectacular landmarks near high traffic areas
  • Capable of dynamic effects & unusual executions that promote maximum brand exposure
  • Visible to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other traffic in the heart of downtown Seattle

Seattle Digital Billboards

14’x48′ and 20’x60′

  • 8-10 second ad rotation offers maximum distribution & quick visibility
  • Allows for frequent creative updates with no added production costs
  • Capable of streaming dynamic content in real-time
seattle monorail leaving Seattle Center

Need more reasons to connect with Pacific Outdoor?
Here’s four

  1. OOH advertising is one of the lowest CPM media platforms, making it an efficient as well as effective choice for clients big and small. 
  2. It is a 24-hour medium that you can’t tune out, turn off, click through, block, or throw away. 
  3. Outdoor Media Marketing increases mobile searches by 54% and is one of the most shared mediums in social media.
  4. OOH advertising delivers real people and actual impressions with no fear of bots or false clicks.

Ready to Grow Your Business with Our Outdoor Advertising Services?

Eight of the Top Ten brands in the US use OOH and Pacific Outdoor offers you the opportunity to stand alongside these big brands to amplify the credibility and legitimacy of your brand. In our highly mobile society, commuting is a way of life; Pacific Outdoor will help you reach your customer while they are on the move. Whether they are commuting, shopping, dining, or recreating, Pacific will reach your customer. We can help you broadly reach large audiences throughout the Seattle market and assist you in targeting key neighborhoods or demographics that are relevant to your business.

Please contact us online or give our Seattle team a call (206) 536-3600 and let us put Pacific Outdoor Advertising’s Billboards, Digital Billboards, and Wallscapes to work for you!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Pacific Outdoor Advertising is a top notch company in all facets of the business. The team demonstrates a strong collaborative and innovative spirit by using forward-thinking strategies. It’s clear that Pacific Outdoor prides themselves for being detail-oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship effortless. It is a true pleasure to work with such a talented and trusted team.
Jennifer Varallo
Beach Body on Demand
In the ten years we’ve worked with them they’ve provided phenomenal customer service, responsiveness to requests and come up with some great ideas. They make the process of changing our campaigns easy. They have a tight team who work closely together and with the clients. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.
Liz Acosta
The Emery Group
The professionals at Pacific Outdoor have played a critical role in implementing various Outdoor strategies. They presented us a turnkey experience that delivers the results we expect for our clients. They managed the entire process from creative and production, inventory recommendations, installation and proof of performance. Pacific Outdoor has also demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
Tim Graham
Alpine Marketing
Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson provides outstanding customer service and support while making us feel like a priority. Pacific Outdoor makes the process so easy and is willing to work with us on budget and timeframes for our campaigns.
Colleen Drennen
Dr. Martens AirWair USA
I've worked with Pacific Outdoor for nearly a decade using outdoor media to create leadership positions for our client's brands. I've always felt they understood what we're trying to achieve, bringing expertise and creative solutions to help us succeed. Good people all around.
Curtis Costner
Sands Costner
Pacific Outdoor took the time to understand our clients changing needs and strategies as people's daily lives began to shift. They helped us to manage the entire process from production, inventory recommendations, installation and proof of performance. Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson was quick to respond and always accessible. Our program was seamless and our campaign generated results. Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
Andrea Mitchell
BPN Inc.
Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times. You guys were great in offering us the bonus locations and have always been very supportive of staying within my budget.
Angelika Neumann
Neumann Media
Pacific Outdoor takes the time to understand our needs and goes above and beyond to execute an excellent outdoor advertising campaign. They constantly put their best foot forward accommodating and quickly addressing all last minute requests and changes. During these unforeseen/challenging times, Pacific was a true partner, offering clients creative solutions and making whole on commitments.
Glynnis Reilly
Horizon NY
Pacific Outdoor put a cost effective and highly visible campaign together for me that brought immediate customer and employee feedback, everyone mentioned the billboards!
Laura Szczes
Double Z Media